Massage Therapist Puyallup

Have you considered pain relief with local massage therapy?

Seeing a massage therapist in Puyallup can change your life. Massage therapy is a drug-free way to treat a wide variety of conditions. A good therapist can correctly determine pain points. They know how to apply the right techniques to relieve them. When a capable massage therapist works alongside a chiropractor like the one at Gregory Chiropractic the results can be even better.

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Wellness comes from the inside out. Massage therapy is the first step.

At Gregory Chiropractic you’ll benefit from the experience of two specialists. As a dual practice clinic, Dr. Bob Gregory works alongside our on-staff massage therapists. Working together means our patients get targeted care. The musculature and nervous system are addressed at one time.

How can a massage therapist help you?

Massage in Puyallup that goes to work for you!

Massage Therapist Puyallup WA
Our massage therapists listen to you. They work with our intake specialist during your evaluation. They ask you questions about your pain before your massage begins. If you’ve already or would like to work with our chiropractor they will consult to provide you with the best customized treatment across both disciplines.

Get massage therapy that addresses your pain.

Different methods of massage are used to treat different conditions. Our massage therapists in Puyallup are skilled in a wide range of methods. These include trigger point therapy, cupping, deep tissue, and more. Our clinic is focused on addressing the root of your pain. We work to provide relief by treating the condition. The right techniques can address your pain head on. Wellness starts here.

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